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Advising, drafting and negotiating wills and probate agreements.

It is estimated that 33% of people die in Ireland without having made a will. This can often cause hardship for those left behind and can cause long delays in sorting out the deceased’s affairs. Most people intend to make a will but just never get around to it. Now is your chance!

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should consider making a will.

  • Do you own a house? If so this is a significant asset and it is important that you set out clearly what should happen to it in the event of your death.
  • Are you married? If you have recently married, or intend to get married in the near future, it is important to make a will or review your old one. On marriage all previous Wills are considered revoked.
  • Do you have children? If the answer is yes you will want to leave specific instructions to provide for their care both physical and financial.
  • Are you in a long term relationship? This is a complicated area, as in the event of you dying intestate (without making a will) the state will not recognise (as they do with married couples) the other persons right to inherit the estate. If you wish to make provisions for your partner in the event of your death it must be done so by making provisions in your will.



The death of a family member or a friend is a traumatic time.

We offer a caring and sensitive Probate service where we will take all the stress and worry away from you. We have many years experience administering small estates to larger complex estates. We can obtain the Grant of Probate quickly and efficiently from the Probate office. We can also advise in relation to taxation issues which may arise and make the complexity of extracting a Grant of Probate simple and stress free.

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